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To help you using YachtRate portal we prepared following a few typical examples and questions:

Q: I would like to search for the boat of my choice and find out how others rate her

On the HomePage select the country of your cruise, then click on the base of your choice to view the list of boats. By clicking on the name of the boat you can view all the details including boat ratings.

Q: I would like to enter new boat which I haven't found and include my rating

To enter new boat start on HomePage by selecting the country, followed by selection of the base. Then you can click the link "Add boat" and fill in the form.

Q: I am representative of charter agent offering boats. How can I benefit of YachtRate?

You can publish your offering free of charge now. Your potential customer will find it on YachtRate.

Q: I have been using other pages before. Why should I use YachtRate?

YachtRate is very easy to use. It is Easy to Share and Easy to Find anything.

If you have any other questions or problems with using YachtRate.com dont hesitate to contact us on support{at}yachtrate.com

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